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Forestry Headsets


Husqvarna Forestry Helmet

Fitted with a Gold*Star 2-way Radio Headset

Complete, new, boxed, and ready to use.

This Husqvarna Forestry helmet has been fitted with a Gold*Star microphone and loudspeakers.

With mesh flip-up visor and full ear defender protection.

This enables the wearer to easily communicate through Midland G7 PMR walkie-talkie radios

  • Crystal-clear reception and transmission in noisy places.
  • The wearer has both ears fully protected against loud noises, and can easily hear through both ears any communication.
  • To talk back, he simply presses the waterproof press -to -talk switch on the left hand earcup.
  • The headset has a strong curly cable which plugs into the radio which is worn in your top pocket or clipped to your harness.
  • Simple, rugged, and reliable, it enables difficult, dangerous, and complex jobs to be undertaken with full communication between the wearer and crew, over large distances.
  • Any number of workers can be using the system on a job, and can all transmit & receive clearly and easily.


The radios we reccomend for use are tried and trusted, Midland G7 PMR walkie talkie. They are rugged, dependable, powerful, give a tremendous 12km range in open ground, and have big rechargeable batteries.

We always have Midland G7 radios in stock.

We can also supply other Forestry helmet / Gold*Star Radio Headsets upon request, i.e Petzel Vertex and many other helmet / earmuff types.

also manufacture into construction and industrial type helmets / earmuffs of any type, please ask for details.

Whatever you want, we can supply!

As used with chainsaws, chippers, winching operations, sawmills, training Colleges, crane work, construction sites, civil engineering projects, etc etc etc.

Simple......Reliable.......Affordable Products