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top email marketing consultant and management services in los angeles caBillions of emails are sent every day, and only 42% of them are actually important, according to email management service SaneBox
. For marketers who want their messages to stand out among the masses, creating an intriguing subject line can help determine whether an email makes the cut.

�We all know what it�s like to be bombarded with email messages, all competing for our attention during a busy day,� says Dmitri Leonov, a VP at SaneBox. �If it�s your job to come up with a compelling subject line, it�s a good idea to leverage your experience as an email recipient to help you craft the perfect subject line.�

What gets your attention? How do you decide which emails to trash unopened and which to read? Email marketing experts offer the following nine tips for crafting the perfect email subject line to market your company.

The shorter the subject line, the better.
The biggest mistake most companies make is writing subject lines that are far too long and aren�t optimized for mobile, says Kipp Bodnar, a VP at marketing software platform HubSpot
. A typical inbox reveals about 60 characters of an email�s subject line, while a mobile phone shows just 25 to 30 characters. He recommends getting right to the point in about six to eight words.

Place the most important words at the beginning.
A whopping 50% of emails are now read on mobile phones, says Leonov. That�s why it�s critical to keep important words at the beginning of the subject line, and Bodnar advises using a descriptor of the email's contents, such as �Infographic� or �Free Webinar,� as the first words.

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